Free shipping

All prepaid orders (Payu, PayPal or bank transfer) over 90 euro qualify for FREE Shipping. Free delivery by courier is only available within Poland. For orders outside Poland, please see our standard shipping options.


Depenging on the number and weight of the products ordered by you,the chosen form of payment and your preferences, you can choose one of the forms of delivery :

The fastest and safest way:

The courier company - delivery is made by a professional courier GLS. Selecting a courier means convenience and confidence that your order will arrive on time at a reasonable price. Additionally, your e-mail address will receive a link to the page on which date you will be able to see where your shipment is.

Cost of delivery:
The total cost of delivery order after you have added products to your shopping cart and selceted preferred method of delivery and payment methods - in summary, you will see the exact amount to be paid. Below is a list of standard delivery costs, along with the estimated time of delivery of the order:

Poland - shipping:

Delivery time: 1-2 days.

Kurier DHL  - 12,99 zł (online payment)

Kurier DHL  - 15,99 zł (cash on delivery)

Delivery time: 1-2 days.

GLS  - 12,99 zł (online payment)

GLS  - 15,99 zł (cash on delivery)

Delivery time: 1-2 days

Paczkomaty InPost - 8,99 zł  (online payment)

UE countries - shipping:

The price depends on the exchange rate. Price below are indicative prices.

Final prices will be appeared in the process of ordering.

KrajWaga od (w kg)Waga do (w kg)Cena
Austria0140.00 zł
Austria1540.00 zł
Austria51057.00 zł
Austria102057.00 zł
Austria203057.00 zł
Belgium0155.00 zł
Belgium1555.00 zł
Belgium51071.00 zł
Belgium102071.00 zł
Belgium203071.00 zł
Bulgaria0183.00 zł
Bulgaria1583.00 zł
Bulgaria51095.00 zł
Bulgaria102095.00 zł
Bulgaria203095.00 zł
Croatia0157.00 zł
Croatia1557.00 zł
Croatia51070.00 zł
Croatia102070.00 zł
Croatia203070.00 zł
Czech Republic0133.00 zł
Czech Republic1533.00 zł
Czech Republic51043.00 zł
Czech Republic102043.00 zł
Czech Republic203043.00 zł
Denmark0149.00 zł
Denmark1549.00 zł
Denmark51067.00 zł
Denmark102067.00 zł
Denmark203067.00 zł
Estonia0161.00 zł
Estonia1561.00 zł
Estonia51077.00 zł
Estonia102077.00 zł
Estonia203077.00 zł
Finland01105.00 zł
Finland15105.00 zł
Finland510120.00 zł
Finland1020120.00 zł
Finland2030120.00 zł
France continent0171.00 zł
France continent1571.00 zł
France continent51083.00 zł
France continent102083.00 zł
France continent203083.00 zł
Spain continent01104.00 zł
Spain continent15104.00 zł
Spain continent510116.00 zł
Spain continent1020116.00 zł
Spain continent2030116.00 zł
Netherlands0149.00 zł
Netherlands1549.00 zł
Netherlands51066.00 zł
Netherlands102066.00 zł
Netherlands203066.00 zł
Ireland01113.00 zł
Ireland15113.00 zł
Ireland510124.00 zł
Ireland1020124.00 zł
Ireland2030124.00 zł
Lithuania0145.00 zł
Lithuania1545.00 zł
Lithuania51057.00 zł
Lithuania102057.00 zł
Lithuania203057.00 zł
Luxemburg0150.00 zł
Luxemburg1550.00 zł
Luxemburg51070.00 zł
Luxemburg102070.00 zł
Luxemburg203070.00 zł
Germany0140.00 zł
Germany1540.00 zł
Germany51056.00 zł
Germany102056.00 zł
Germany203056.00 zł
Portugal continent1597.00 zł
Portugal continent510114.00 zł
Portugal continent1020114.00 zł
Portugal continent2030114.00 zł
Romania0173.00 zł
Romania1573.00 zł
Romania51087.00 zł
Romania102087.00 zł
Romania203087.00 zł
Sweden0179.00 zł
Sweden1579.00 zł
Sweden51098.00 zł
Sweden102098.00 zł
Sweden203098.00 zł
Slovakia0140.00 zł
Slovakia1540.00 zł
Slovakia51052.00 zł
Slovakia102052.00 zł
Slovakia203052.00 zł
Slovenia0163.00 zł
Slovenia1563.00 zł
Slovenia51082.00 zł
Slovenia102082.00 zł
Slovenia203082.00 zł
Hungary0149.00 zł
Hungary1549.00 zł
Hungary51059.00 zł
Hungary102059.00 zł
Hungary203059.00 zł
Great Britain0166.00 zł
Great Britain1566.00 zł
Great Britain51077.00 zł
Great Britain102077.00 zł
Great Britain203077.00 zł
Italy0173.00 zł
Italy1573.00 zł
Italy51086.00 zł
Italy102086.00 zł
Italy203086.00 zł
Latvia0155.00 zł
Latvia1555.00 zł
Latvia51063.00 zł
Latvia102063.00 zł
Latvia203063.00 zł

Dollar and Euro currency is calculated from NBP Bank Polski currency prices on date: 08/28/2018. Last price of delivery can be different from presented according of actual currency prices.

Rest of world:


DHL (flight way)

KrajWaga od (w kg)Waga do (w kg)Cena
Armenia, Georgia00.5109.72 zł
Armenia, Georgia0.51128.90 zł
Armenia, Georgia12.5215.99 zł
Armenia, Georgia2.55251.41 zł
Armenia, Georgia510382.78 zł
Asia00.5109.72 zł
Asia0.51128.90 zł
Asia12.5215.99 zł
Asia2.55251.41 zł
Asia510382.78 zł
Austria00.577.24 zł
Austria0.5186.10 zł
Austria12.5143.66 zł
Austria2.55168.76 zł
Austria510245.51 zł
Belgium00.577.24 zł
Belgium0.5186.10 zł
Belgium12.5143.66 zł
Belgium2.55168.76 zł
Belgium510245.51 zł
Brazil and Australia00.5131.86 zł
Brazil and Australia0.51154.00 zł
Brazil and Australia12.5257.32 zł
Brazil and Australia2.55301.60 zł
Brazil and Australia510521.52 zł
Bulgaria00.577.24 zł
Bulgaria0.5186.10 zł
Bulgaria12.5143.66 zł
Bulgaria2.55168.76 zł
Bulgaria510245.51 zł
Croatia00.577.24 zł
Croatia0.5186.10 zł
Croatia12.5143.66 zł
Croatia2.55168.76 zł
Croatia510245.51 zł
Cyprus00.577.24 zł
Cyprus0.5186.10 zł
Cyprus12.5143.66 zł
Cyprus2.55168.76 zł
Cyprus510245.51 zł
Czech Republic00.577.24 zł
Czech Republic0.5186.10 zł
Czech Republic12.5143.66 zł
Czech Republic2.55168.76 zł
Czech Republic510245.51 zł
Danmark 00.577.24 zł
Danmark0.5186.10 zł
Danmark12.5143.66 zł
Danmark2.55168.76 zł
Danmark510245.51 zł
Estonia00.577.24 zł
Estonia0.5186.10 zł
Estonia12.5143.66 zł
Estonia2.55168.76 zł
Estonia510245.51 zł
Finland00.577.24 zł
Finland0.5186.10 zł
Finland12.5143.66 zł
Finland2.55168.76 zł
Finland510245.51 zł
France continent00.577.24 zł
France continent0.5186.10 zł
France continent12.5143.66 zł
France continent2.55168.76 zł
France continent510245.51 zł
Greece00.577.24 zł
Greece0.5186.10 zł
Greece12.5143.66 zł
Greece2.55168.76 zł
Greece510245.51 zł
Spain continent00.577.24 zł
Spain continent0.5186.10 zł
Spain continent12.5143.66 zł
Spain continent2.55168.76 zł
Spain continent510245.51 zł
Netherlands00.577.24 zł
Netherlands0.5186.10 zł
Netherlands12.5143.66 zł
Netherlands2.55168.76 zł
Netherlands510245.51 zł
Ireland00.577.24 zł
Ireland0.5186.10 zł
Ireland12.5143.66 zł
Ireland2.55168.76 zł
Ireland510245.51 zł
Kanada00.5103.81 zł
Canada0.51120.05 zł
Canada12.5199.75 zł
Canada2.55233.70 zł
Canada510314.88 zł
Kazakhstan00.5109.72 zł
Kazakhstan0.51128.90 zł
Kazakhstan12.5215.99 zł
Kazakhstan2.55251.41 zł
Kazakhstan510382.78 zł
Lithuania00.577.24 zł
Lithuania0.5186.10 zł
Lithuania12.5143.66 zł
Lithuania2.55168.76 zł
Lithuania510245.51 zł
Luxemburg00.577.24 zł
Luxemburg0.5186.10 zł
Luxemburg12.5143.66 zł
Luxemburg2.55168.76 zł
Luxemburg510245.51 zł
Malta00.577.24 zł
Malta0.5186.10 zł
Malta12.5143.66 zł
Malta2.55168.76 zł
Malta510245.51 zł
Monaco00.587.58 zł
Monaco0.51102.34 zł
Monaco12.5171.71 zł
Monaco2.55201.23 zł
Monaco510280.93 zł
Germany00.577.24 zł
Germany0.5186.10 zł
Germany12.5143.66 zł
Germany2.55168.76 zł
Germany510245.51 zł
Norway00.587.58 zł
Norway0.51102.34 zł
Norway12.5171.71 zł
Norway2.55201.23 zł
Norway510280.93 zł
Portugal continent00.577.24 zł
Portugal continent0.5186.10 zł
Portugal continent12.5143.66 zł
Portugal continent2.55168.76 zł
Portugal continent510245.51 zł
Russia00.5109.72 zł
Russia0.51128.90 zł
Russia12.5215.99 zł
Russia2.55251.41 zł
Russia510382.78 zł
Romania00.577.24 zł
Romania0.5186.10 zł
Romania12.5143.66 zł
Romania2.55168.76 zł
Romania510245.51 zł
United States of America00.5103.81 zł
United States of America0.51120.05 zł
United States of America12.5199.75 zł
United States of America2.55233.70 zł
United States of America510314.88 zł
Switzerland00.587.58 zł
Switzerland0.51102.34 zł
Switzerland12.5171.71 zł
Switzerland2.55201.23 zł
Switzerland510280.93 zł
Sweden00.577.24 zł
Sweden0.5186.10 zł
Sweden12.5143.66 zł
Sweden2.55168.76 zł
Sweden510245.51 zł
Slovakia00.577.24 zł
Slovakia0.5186.10 zł
Slovakia12.5143.66 zł
Slovakia2.55168.76 zł
Slovakia510245.51 zł
Slovenia00.577.24 zł
Slovenia0.5186.10 zł
Slovenia12.5143.66 zł
Slovenia2.55168.76 zł
Slovenia510245.51 zł
Turkey00.5109.72 zł
Turkey0.51128.90 zł
Turkey12.5215.99 zł
Turkey2.55251.41 zł
Turkey510382.78 zł
Ukraine00.587.58 zł
Ukraine0.51102.34 zł
Ukraine12.5171.71 zł
Ukraine2.55201.23 zł
Ukraine510280.93 zł
Hungary00.577.24 zł
Hungary0.5186.10 zł
Hungary12.5143.66 zł
Hungary2.55168.76 zł
Hungary510245.51 zł
Great Britain00.577.24 zł
Great Britain0.5186.10 zł
Great Britain12.5143.66 zł
Great Britain2.55168.76 zł
Great Britain510245.51 zł
Italy00.577.24 zł
Italy0.5186.10 zł
Italy12.5143.66 zł
Italy2.55168.76 zł
Italy510245.51 zł
Latvia00.577.24 zł
Latvia0.5186.10 zł
Latvia12.5205.16 zł
Latvia2.55168.76 zł
Latvia510245.51 zł

Ordered Store products EXTREME HOBBIES sent as priority mail within 24-48 hours (working days from Monday to Friday) from the date of confirmation of the order, but in the case of payments made by the customer in the form of transfer send products after the receipt of cash.